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Feels good to be heading north



Aug. 6th, 2009

watching the talking heads concert video stop making sense. our whole boat crew got the day off. Woke up late and missed breakfast but stopped by the coffee shack and got a double shot coffee and a roll.

Yesterday we had our first Level 2 on these asshole jetskis that didn't want to listen to us when we told them to wait until the ship we were guarding passed before they could head back to the resort. Level 1 is a warning that they are in a restricted area, we call them on loud hailer and turn our lights and sirens on. They kept saying why, why? Can't we just go through before your ship gets here real quick?? We kept telling them to stay there.  They were getting real mad showing us the bottom of thier feet which is like flipping someone off in the arabian culture and kept trying to get by us. We went to level 2 and racked our 50 cal back to chamber a round and aimed it at them. Just the sound of that thing being racked should make someone think twice about trying to speed by us but these particular fuckers are known for being persistant. One of them is the Kuwait's king son, the prince. He is not used to taking orders apparantly because he was getting really frustrated, he was hitting his little jetski and kept saying why can't I go? They were still trying to get by us so we popped a flare off at them, he just watched it fly by and then said Why? Heheh it was pretty how mad they were getting. The next step before warning shots would be to ram them at a slow speed and push them out of our zone, that would have been pretty painful for someone on a jetski to be rammed by a 2,000 pound boat!! The control tower finially said to let them through because they didn't want any warning shots fired, which is level 3 and the final level 4, open fire. So my first lev 2  was pretty exciting.

the next hike...

I'm thinking either Mt. Woodson north trail or Iron Mt. summit after work tomorrow which hopefully won't be all day. The boats will need cleaning tomorrow after being a month in saltwater and I'm sure the bilges are full of leaked engine oil, diesel and coolant we'll have to flush out. Then there's inside the cabin that's already half-assed cleaned before we left camp pendleton on sunday and shouldn't take too long with the damn 30 or so Boatswains Mates on that and us 3 engineers soaking up the oil.
I fucking love craigslist, a five piece dining table for $25 where else can you find that? goddamn cigarette smoke always wofting in from the neighbors smoking right outside my fucking window! I used to love that smell too; it's going on.. .three years since I've quit now. 


Checking out various coldplay covers on Youtube and this one was the BEST hands down I've found yet of Green Eyes:

The smell of the neighbor's cigarette is making it's way through my front window and into my room. I just had a big ol frappacino from Starbucks and a nice walk through Coronado, getting ready for the weekend and some fireworks!
In Mariposa we made a path with hoe's and shovels down the mountain. Dial's rock shop where sue worked and the dry riverbed. Battled with the ants outside in the dirt. There was a mine up in the mountain where gold was supposedly left up there. Sunday Dad would buy us ice cream in town.The bugs swarmed around the light and got through the screen I was counting the different kinds. a nice wood porch I wish I'd spent more time on with a cow skull we had found and brought back. I remember the yellow fields of straw blowing in the wind under golden sun and thinking how beautiful it was when amanda or amy ran through them.

well tomorrow kicks off jlocks and I got shit to do, holla!

Got my .45!

I love my Springfield Armory Stainless Steel 1911 .45 Cal

Never wanna go back to the Beretta o_O

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A good hike

Jake and I hiked to the tree house today, it was hot as hell but good to get away from it all and spend some time with my bro. The water was really high in the creek, we couldn't use the stream to travel more than 20 feet without having to climb way up and around the flooded spots. I guess it's all the snow melt from this heat that's submerging our stepping rocks. We both made a pretty tough jump from a narrow wobbley 70 degree angled tree stump (insert pic there) to a rock barley big enough to land on the other side of the creek about 7 feet away and downward. It was a nice jump I wish I had a clip of it.
Whoever was there last left it all fucked up, trash was everywhere and some of the gear was left out. We signed the guestbook, cleaned up, shook the bugs out of the sleeping bags and relaxed in the shade for an hour before climbing down to the creek for a dip. It was freezingly refreshing. Got a few pictures before I dropped my camera and cracked the screen >_<
I set up a shelf for all the old liquor and wine bottles we had laying around. Noticed that one main support log is cracked and rotting and hella twine is decaying that held the logs to each other so the tree is a little shifty but still holding up.
We hiked back via the logging trail and hauled ass home but not before stopping for some In N Out. Great day! I'm fuckin drained.

flowcharts and FEX

busy busy week. ready to learn some land navigation, shoot guns and set up some tents. My first Field EXpedition at Camp Pendleton next week. Its only 4 days but there arent any showers, no heated ones anyways. Tryin to find a good outlet store to buy a perculator? or something to make coffee out there with. this should be fun. I can finially test out my snares and traps mabey bring my blowgun and catch some critters to fry up.